In 2019, the World Investor Week will include online lessons on financial literacy held in schools throughout Russia providing students with basic knowledge on investing and stock market functioning.

Online lessons within the WIW week are supported by the Association for the Development of Financial Literacy
Online lessons on financial literacy
Financial market professionals will speak in every school
Project partner
Project point
The online lessons allow upper-class students from anywhere in Russia to get equal access to financial knowledge, to experience "live" communication with high-skilled financial market participants and instill sound and responsible attitude to financial decision-making. The invited professionals will speak about personal financial planning, investing, insurance, advantages of banking cards etc. In the course of the lessons, particular attention will be paid to safe operating in financial market and protection of financial consumers' rights.
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation – the regulator of Russian financial market.
Project partners are 14 institutions and their regional representatives from among professional securities market participants, banks, insurance companies, universities and government bodies. In all, 100 expert lecturers are involved.
Project goals
  • Make students interested in finance by offering an unusual format and allowing communication with professionals.
  • Convince the students, that financial wealth builds upon financial literacy.
  • Develop proper financial behavior, strengthen knowledge of basic financial terms, inform about up-to-date financial products and services, warn about risks.
Format of online lessons
Webinar lessons on each topic will be held on, one of the most convenient webinar services, allowing one lector to speak to many groups of students. The platform allows lecturers to display presentations and video clips, provide online surveys designed for group discussions in class. Lecturers can name schools who sent correct answers to his questions. In the course of online lessons, lecturers can answer questions asked in chat by the audience.
How to participate in online lessons?
In Russia, 90% of all schools have Internet access and are able to imply modern methods of online education. All schools located in the Russian Federation and abroad teaching in Russian and equipped with Internet access, computers, image displaying device (projector, interactive whiteboard etc.) and external audio output device can participate in the project.
To participate in online lessons, teachers shall:
1. Select the topic, date and time of online lessons;
2. Joint the online lesson with the students;
3. Fill in the feedback form and send it to organizers;
4. After receiving and processing the feedback, the system automatically sends a response letter with attendance certificate.